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What Is
Linear Drumming

The Linear drumming concept is when no two limbs play at the same time. Each drum or cymbal is played separately. It is basically the opposite of playing in unison; which means two or more drums being played at the same time.

This style of playing can really open up new possibilities of rhythmic patterns and musical expression. To hear some linear playing in action check out the classic Paul Simon record 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. The groove is played by one of my inspirations Steve Gadd. Also check out Tower of Power with drummer David Garibaldi laying down some funky linear grooves.

The main aim of this book is to enable you to play 1/16th note linear grooves and Fills. The easy step by step layout of this book will make it possible for even the absolute beginner drummer, with proper practice, to play some really nice linear grooves and fills on completion of all sections.

This book is also suitable for any drummer who is new to this concept of playing and wants to broaden their vocabulary, technique, co ordination and musical expression.