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Beginners Guide To
Linear Drumming

This linear drum book is a step by step guide to playing drums using the linear concept. This drum book is ideal for beginners who want to broaden their grooves, fills, technique and musical expression.

This drum book is also suitable for drummers who may be new to this concept. The easy to follow format of this drum book for beginners takes you from simple 1/4 note exercises right up to fully orchestrated 1/16th note linear grooves and fills to an intermediate standard of playing.

This book is a very useful resource for anyone who wants to learn to play drums. It makes a great addition to the students’ collection of drumming books. And also useful for students who are beginner drummers and simply want to take their drumming to the next level. It is also suitable for drummers who may be a bit more advanced as the sections in this drum book progress to more complex linear drumming patterns and fills.